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Originally founded in 2000 as a side hobby, today Right Click Computer Consulting is a full service, one stop IT shop that prides itself on the commitment to excellence.

Founder and serial entrepreneur, Vince Andriani, has over 15 years of experience working for and supporting a multitude of customers. His first endeavor into computers came at young age when his parents bought him a Commodore VIC20. If you can imagine, this computer came without a hard drive. If you wanted to load a program, you used a cassette tape. Not being content with just playing games, Vince spent many hours typing in computer code derived from various magazines. Though still interested in computers, at the age of 19, Vince decided to attend BCIT to study computer aided drafting (CAD). This was an easy decision because one of other passions was drawing. Being an artist was not an option because artists typically go hungry. After 5 years of being a draftsperson, Vince’s true calling of computers and technology was realized.

For more than 15 years, Vince has been supporting various clients while primarily working at a mid-sized Accounting firm. This mixture of support has allowed him to glean a plethora of knowledge and experience in many fields. He has been able to introduce enterprise class processes and procedures into small companies without the large overhead. These processes and procedures allow a company, regardless of size, to increase inefficiencies while reducing exposure to data loss.

In 2012, Vince Andriani and Right Computer Consulting morphed into what it is today, a team of high skilled experts that work diligently with customers to fully understands their needs and struggles.

Aside from his passion for technology, Vince understands that not everyone understands the intricacies of technology and prides himself with that ability to explain it at the most basic level.